Chinese biotech firm locates European office in Rotterdam

bgi-logo-dualBGI Tech, one of the world’s leading genomics research institutes, has opted for Rotterdam as its European headquarters. The Chinese company provides services in genetic research in humans, plants and animals, microbiology and medicines.

The development of new drugs, DNA decoding and cancer research are just a few examples of the many areas the company is involved in. Amongst other Chinese companies, BGI Tech has chosen the project office of the European China Centre Rotterdam for their new office.

Ryan Liu, Business Development Director, is very enthusiastic about the establishment of the Rotterdam office: “We opted for Rotterdam because we believe we can operate most effectively from here. It has a good business climate. Furthermore, we see a great deal of opportunities in the Netherlands. Previous projects in various European countries bear this out. The Netherlands is an open society which allows easy collaboration with interesting partners. Our next goal is to establish further offices in Europe.”

The company was set up in 2012, with its main office in Shenzhen employing a staff of 1,500 employees. It is a part of BGI, the worldwide leader in gene research, which was established in 1999. In China, developments are proceeding at a rapid pace, also in this field.

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