Turkish Airlines to set up base in Rotterdam

rtmairportTurkish Airlines will open a second base in the Netherlands at ‘Rotterdam The Hague Airport’. As of 4 March seven employees of Turkish Airlines will be stationed in Rotterdam to handle the new regular services between Rotterdam and home base Istanbul. 
Turkish Airlines has taken a well-advised decision to set up a base in Rotterdam. General Manager Ferhat Yerli: “Rotterdam is the trading capital of the Netherlands and the city boasts the largest port in Europe. Rotterdam is an important potential growth market for us.”

The direct connection between Rotterdam and Istanbul will be operated on Tuesdays, Thursdays, Fridays and Sundays with a Boeing 737-800. The Turkish flag carrier is one of the fastest growing airlines in all over the world with its increasing profit and growth figures.

On the 4th of March Turkish Airlines will operate its first flight from Istanbul to Rotterdam with a large business delegation and a number of travel agents. The Rotterdam Investment Agency and Rotterdam Marketing will support on arranging an interesting program for the attendees.
Turkish Airlines’ plans concerning Rotterdam will be continued. In summer 2014 the airline plans to fly daily from Rotterdam, after two years twice daily. Istanbul is particularly popular among business travelers and that is the primary reason of Turkish Airlines on choosing Atatürk Airport as its hub. It enables the airline to serve numerous connections to the Middle East, Asia, India and other several destinations. The airport is located in the European part of Istanbul and is the city’s major airport. Besides business travellers, Turkish Airlines also focuses on tourists and Rotterdam’s Turkish residents. This means that holiday travellers in Rotterdam can fly to Bangkok, Thailand, etc. with only one stop-over at Istanbul.
Turkish Airlines is one of the major airlines that provide frequent flights to Rotterdam The Hague Airport.  In 2012, the passenger traffic at Rotterdam The Hague Airport grew by 10%. And this definitely shows that Rotterdam The Hague Airport is in a significant growth process.

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