City Brief: Belo Horizonte

By Arnout Nuijt Belo Horizonte, in short "Belô", "Beagá", or "BH" is the capital and main urban center of Brazil’s Minas Gerais State. The city has a population of around 2,5 million inhabitants, but there are approximately 5,5 million people in the Metropolitan Region. That makes BH the third most populous urban region of Brazil … Continue reading City Brief: Belo Horizonte

City Brief: Brasilia

By Arnout Nuijt Brasilia is a unique city in Brazil and the world. It is the biggest of a long line of planned capital cities in the country, among which Belo Horizonte, Palmas, Boa Vista and Goiânia. Internationally the city is often compared to Canberra, Australia’s federal capital, but Brasilia is much larger and more … Continue reading City Brief: Brasilia

City Brief: Rio de Janeiro

By Arnout Nuijt Rio de Janeiro may be on paper Brazil’s second urban and economic center after Sao Paulo, to many - and not just its inhabitants - the city is number one. With its 6,3 million cariocas (and no less than 12,6 million people in the metropolitan area), Rio is the capital of the … Continue reading City Brief: Rio de Janeiro

What should we do with the Benelux?

By Arnout Nuijt On the last day of the previous year an interesting bit of news floated around in the Low Countries, but it may have been lost in the loud bangs of the New Year’s Eve celebrations. According to Luc Willems, deputy secretary-general of the Benelux Union, the Benelux would like to see a … Continue reading What should we do with the Benelux?

Can Brazil Conquer Africa’s Booming Markets?

By Arnout Nuijt A recent article in The Economist gives an optimistic picture of Brazilian companies heading en masse for Africa’s booming economies, “laden with expertise and capital”, thus creating a new “Atlantic alliance” between Brazil and Africa. We hate to be critical, but is this really happening or is it wishful thinking? Yes, Africa … Continue reading Can Brazil Conquer Africa’s Booming Markets?

Brazil’s New Jet Fighter Saga

By Arnout Nuijt Last week Reuters reported that President Dilma Rousseff had decided to wait until mid-2013 to make a decision on Brazil’s multibillion-dollar Air Force jets contract. What, again? Yes, again… So how should we interpret this delay? Most observers seem to agree that this development increases Boeing's Super Hornet chances of winning the … Continue reading Brazil’s New Jet Fighter Saga

Cape Verde’s Unique Aviation Opportunity

By Arnout Nuijt While the Cape Verde government recently announced the creation of a (government staffed) working group that has to find ways to attract more and cheaper flights to the country, two other aviation related news items - involving national carrier TACV - are worth mentioning. Firstly the Cape Verde press reported that TACV … Continue reading Cape Verde’s Unique Aviation Opportunity