Brazil’s Next 10 Hottest Business Cities – 2013 Edition

By Arnout Nuijt Ever heard of Uberlândia, Joinville, Ribeirão Preto or Londrina? Well, you may soon, as they are among Brazil's next generation of big business cities. 2013 (FIND THE 2014 EDITION HERE) - No doubt the biggest and most important business centres of Brazil are the megacities of São Paulo and Rio de Janeiro. … Continue reading Brazil’s Next 10 Hottest Business Cities – 2013 Edition

City Brief: Sao Paulo

By Arnout Nuijt Writing a City Brief about Brazil’s biggest city, its economic powerhouse and home of the country’s cultural, business and political elite, is not easy. São Paulo is simply to big to grasp, as is its impact on Brazil, South America and, no doubt, the rest of the world. The economic heart of … Continue reading City Brief: Sao Paulo

Weekend Break in Guarujá

By Arnout Nuijt When you are visiting São Paulo for business you will inevitably get tired of your many meetings and not to mention the heavy traffic in this city of 11 million. Even when business goes well, you may need to unwind and relax. So, where to go when you are in an endless … Continue reading Weekend Break in Guarujá