Syria and the Limits of Comparison

By Robert D. Kaplan Because so many war plans simply do not survive the reality of war itself, each war is a unique universe unto its own and thus comparisons with previous wars, while useful, may also prove illusory. One of the many wrong assumptions about the Second Gulf War before it started was that … Continue reading Syria and the Limits of Comparison

Deon Meyer, South Africa’s thriller writer

By Arnout Nuijt The gentleman who had entered the Mozambican hotel elevator on the same floor as I did must have been a good observer. He said, while nodding his head towards the book I was holding: I see you are reading Deon Meyer. Indeed, I replied, it’s my first one and I find it … Continue reading Deon Meyer, South Africa’s thriller writer

The PC16: Identifying China’s Successors

By George Friedman China has become a metaphor. It represents a certain phase of economic development, which is driven by low wages, foreign appetite for investment and a chaotic and disorderly development, magnificent in scale but deeply flawed in many ways. Its magnificence spawned the flaws, and the flaws helped create the magnificence. The arcs … Continue reading The PC16: Identifying China’s Successors

Brazil to grow just 1,67% – Brazil Weekly poll

Brazil Weekly readers have spoken. For the last few months we have been running a poll on Brazil’s expected GDP growth in 2013. By the beginning of 2013 officials and foreign observers still worked with the assumption that Brazil’s economy would grow well again this year, some 3-4%. But soon both Brazil’s government and several … Continue reading Brazil to grow just 1,67% – Brazil Weekly poll

Angola Beyond Oil & Gas

Arnout Nuijt, Editor-in-Chief of Atlantico Weekly/Angola Business News and CEO of Atlantico Business Development, a consultancy based in Rotterdam, recently spoke to Mrs Maria Luisa Abrantes, director of ANIP, the Angola Investment Agency. Mrs Abrantes, thank you for talking to Atlantico Weekly’s Angola Business News. You have come to the Netherlands to attract new investors … Continue reading Angola Beyond Oil & Gas